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Allow for your spirit to blossom at Summit Spiritual Center


Join us for Celebration Servicess of Life, Love and Community!

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What if?.....

What if there's no distant diety to appease nor an evil entity to avoid?

What if there's only something greater to know about yourself, something to accept, to embrace and love?

What if that something within you is closer than your very breath?

What if it is something that you can use that is the answer to every question and the solution to every difficulty?

Are you willing to change your thinking?...

Allow for your spirit to blossom at Summit Spiritual CenterWe have connect groups and focus ministries to support your on your life's journey

Learn Meditation and the powerful practice of Affirmative Prayer as well as other Spiritual Practices.

Get ready to go deeper than you've ever been before!

Ask questions and get answers with which you can expand the loving experience of your life.

Include Services by:           Diana Mangus RScP
AND        Michael Mangus RScP
As well as some wonderful special guests. Be there !!!

THANKSGIVING IS MOST JOYFUL WHEN SHARED - Notice that when we share a smile, it is most usually returned and when we share it with a group of people we are granted an abundance of joyful expression. Love is like this, it is never diminished by sharing.

New Thought is sometimes called Higher Thought when we call upon our inner resources to embue our actions with compassion. Give thanks for what you love and it shall be increased. Do not begrudge your neighbor's good, but rather celebrate his good fortune. Create shared prosperity through shared strength Together, knowing the truth of God within, we awaken heaven right here, right now. This is the meaning of co-creation.

"Do not conform to the patterns of this world, rather be transformed through the renewal of your mind such that you can test and approve the higher truth which leads to highest Good / God." ~ Romans 12:2

Our strength is found through knowing what Emma Curtis Hopkins often stated: "Highest Good is Highest God." Within Religious Science we do not use denials of what we do not desire, we focus upon our Good. Give thanks for that which is good and it will multiply. Let go of grousing and complaining, let go of beliefs that do not serve you or your neighbor, affirm the truth of higher wisdom and the guidance of God within.

Some folks think Thanksgiving is a celebration that came from the pilgrims. In fact, Thanksgiving was not a a national holiday until 1863. Thanksgiving is NOT about pilgrims or Native Americans, it is our nations highest celebration because in the words of Abraham Lincoln (the President that first declared this holiday) it is a day in which we give "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens".

Perhaps it is time to let go of the strange myths that do not serve us and embrace the truth that Thanksgiving is a celebration of sharing our Good and being thankful for all that we have to share, most especially the fact that instead of the tyranny in any form, we have a democracy. For over two centuries we have established a tradition in which we elect our leaders. Democracy is still a New Thought for much of the world, as are Civil Rights and Human Rights. We bless all who celebrate the Divine, however they celebrate and we give thanks that God blesses America such that whether we agree or disagree, we express ourselves with ballots not bullets.

Thanksgiving is a national celebration that is characterized by a joyful feast. The reason that turkey is the traditional meat is simply because (other than vegetarians) everyone can eat it. There are no Abrahamic, nor Vedic dietary constraints against turkey, anyone from any tradition who is not a vegetarian can simply gobble it down.

We are nation of immigrants. Some came over the Bering Straits, others came by ship and most recently by plane. Thanksgiving is not about pilgrims, it is about us giving thanks for a joyful feast. Whether we are eating turkey burritos, pasta, dumplings, falafels or bagels, we are thankful for being the first modern democracy with civil rights such as the right to vote and the right to love who we choose.

In New Thought, Thanksgiving is a way of living. Our Thanksgiving is two (2) months long, both October and November. Thanksgiving is also an essential step in our prayer practice and we practice having an "Attitude of Gratitude."

Arise every day during this time with gratitude upon your lips expressing kindness from within. We are one with God and through God with each other. Let us cast aside our differences, find joy in our common truth and thereby work together to create heaven on earth right here and right now!

FROM YOUR BOARD OF TRUSTEES  Your Center is involved in outreach projects that we are asking your help on.  The orphan in Kenya that we sponsor continues to need our monthly support.  We are also planning to bring back Rev. DonnaChristine Park from WAMMS for our second annual shoe drive and book pack giveaway.  We will be needing sponsors for the shoes and backpacks @$50 per child with the goal being 25 inner city children helped this year to start school off on the right foot.  More information TBA!

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THANK YOU for your support of SSC!    WE LOVE YOU!

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